10 Reasons Why Jim Halpert is the perfect* man

Let’s be honest, you guys. The world needs more Jim Halperts. He’s adorable, funny, sweet, romantic and just an all-around stand up guy. Here are ten reasons why I want a Jim Halpert of my own.


1. John Krasinski is probably the most adorable man alive. I mean, look at that face. He’s kind of dorky but in the cutest way possible, with that big nose and signature smirk. No one could have possibly played the role of Jim better than him. (Plus, I’ve always had a thing for dorks.)

2. He’s hilarious and a top-notch prankster. Who doesn’t like a guy with a great sense of humor? His pranks on Dwight never fail to amuse, and their “friendship” is my favorite platonic relationship on the show.

That time he dressed up as Dwight. Classic.
That time he dressed up as Dwight. Classic.

3. He makes the best faces. 


4. He respects women. Jim is a genuinely good guy. Like, almost too good to be true. Even though he was desperately and passionately in love with Pam, he made sure never to overstep boundaries or make her feel uncomfortable when they weren’t together. He was an awesome friend to her even though he wanted more.

5. HE’S SO STINKING SWEET. The list of sweet things he did for Pam is too long to write out. He’s always thinking of her and doing little things to make her smile. Like that time when he made her the Christmas present that was a teapot with little mementos inside it of inside jokes between the two of them?! Too precious.

He also dressed up as Popeye for Pam on Halloween. Presh.
He also dressed up as Popeye for Pam on Halloween. Presh.

6. He never once objectifies Pam. Out of all of the descriptors Jim uses to talk about Pam, he is never degrading, condescending, or sexist. He loves her because she’s dorky and funny and easy to talk to. Naturally he thinks she’s beautiful, but it’s obvious that he loves everything about her and her looks aren’t most important to him.

Their first kiss. GAH.

7. He supports Pam in her passions and career choices. While Roy tells Pam she shouldn’t take a chance on art school, Jim encourages her to go for it. He supports her choice to try it out, even though it means they must be separated for months at a time. He puts her ambitions above his own selfish wants and consistently supports and encourages her. He believes in her when no one else does. Like seriously, why can’t more guys be like that?!

8. He loves Pam SO MUCH. Pam and Jim make me believe that soul mates exist. Yes, I know they aren’t real people, but please don’t shatter my dreams.

tumblr_mmvdhkYmiD1qzosmpo1_5009. His proposal and the wedding are perfect. Am I the only one who loves the fact that he proposes in a random gas station parking lot, in the rain, because he just couldn’t wait? He loves Pam so much that it doesn’t matter where they are – he doesn’t need to wait for the perfect circumstances. Also, the wedding episode is everything. From the Niagara Falls boating trip to Jim cutting his tie in half because Pam’s veil rips…I just can’t. Too perfect. Even though he gives away the fact that Pam is pregnant at the rehearsal dinner…but we forgive you, Jim.

office-jim-pam-proposal jim-and-pam-wedding-day

10. He’s an amazing husband and father. There is literally nothing he wouldn’t do for Pam and their kids. He and Pam and have an equal relationship in which they both care for their children in addition to both of them working. Jim never exhibits any dominance over Pam and defies traditional masculinity in doing so. He’s supportive, loving, and helpful instead of controlling. That’s what I call redefining masculinity.

Team Jim for life.


*No one is perfect, but he’s pretty dang close. 



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  1. Oh my god!! I love this!!!!

  2. OH MY GOD. ❤ I HAVE NO WORDS FOR HOW PERFECT THIS IS. I am watching reruns right now and I think I am about to cry.

  3. Yes. He is literally all I want in a man. Like what does a girl have to do to get a Jim Halpert.

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