On why I write this blog.


This blog is not my diary. I have a journal that I write in daily. I’ve become pretty dedicated to my journal, actually. I use my journal to record everything from emotional trauma to mundane daily experiences. One day could be a vivid recollection of a nightmare and the next might be a list of what I’ve eaten that day. The point being, this stuff isn’t post-worthy. I blog about the big picture, more often than not. I contemplate whatever issue strikes my fancy and integrate my personal experiences and beliefs into my analysis, which becomes a blog post. This blog is not my diary.

That being said, of course my posts tend to be personal in nature. This is intentional. Any personal information that is divulged is divulged for a reason – usually for the purpose of complimenting or strengthening my argument. The information I provide is relevant, and because I’m writing about issues that are close to my heart, personal experiences are bound to affect my understanding and presentation of the issue at hand.

Which brings me to the feedback I’ve received regarding the personal nature of my blog. My parents worry about internet creepers (a valid concern, I’ll admit). Others comment that I’m “holding nothing back” and “not leaving anything up to the imagination” (regarding my posts that contain sexual content, no doubt). Frankly, I hope that these things are true because it means that I’m being honest. I’m not trying to be mysterious…I’m trying to be real. The only way for me to do that is by relaying my experiences and perceptions of things. That’s all I’ve got, really, because I can’t write from any one’s point of view other than my own.

My favorite part of blogging is the feedback. Literally, I would be thrilled to know I have just one reader. Knowing that I have a few who genuinely get something from my writing? Well that’s more than I could ever hope for. I’ve had several people come to me and thank me for writing. They admire my writing skills or they really related to something I blogged about. For someone to tell me that something I wrote really impacted them…I can’t even express how amazing that feels. And I don’t mean I’MSOFUCKINGAWESOMEHEARMEROAR. It’s just that being able to reach someone and help them in some way, just with my words, is an incredible feeling.

Writing about personal experiences allows me to connect with people this way. Hence the reason why I write this blog. Among other reasons, such as becoming a better writer and expressing myself.

So I apologize for any discomfort my personal stories may have caused you. But hey, you could always stop reading (although I’d love to have you, of course). I must continue writing this way because, well, that’s the point. A personal blog is personal. My hope is to continue connecting with people who have similar passions through my writing, in addition to using my blog as an outlet for personal expression. If you are reading this, I appreciate you, and I hope you’ll come back. ❤



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