“a good man is hard to find”

I love my daddy.
I love my daddy.

So, I usually rant. But this is more like an anti-rant, I guess a rave? Or something positive at least. I complain a lot about disrespectful guys, so I figure I shouldn’t exclude the good ones from discussion. Just to make sure y’all know that I’m not a militant man-hater.

Here’s to the guy who respected my request to stop after I told him that I was not ready for sex. He did not pressure me further.

Here’s to the guy who asked my permission to simply hold my hand.

Here’s to the guy who complimented me on my writing rather than my breasts.

Here’s to the guy who makes me feel beautiful on a daily basis, regardless of how gross I think I look.

Here’s to the guy who asked for my consent before engaging in anything physical with me.

Here’s to the guy who respected my denial of a simple good-bye kiss because I didn’t think that I could handle it at the time.

Here’s to the guy who doesn’t care about my unkempt hair or my hairy legs, and still tells me that I’m beautiful even when I haven’t showered in 48 hours.

Here’s to the guy who told me he would never ask me to give him a blow-job because he doesn’t want to demean me.

Here’s to all of the guys who put up with my feminist rants, some of whom are feminists themselves.

Here’s to the guys who actually listen to what I’m saying and find my opinions intriguing and valuable.

Most of all, here’s to my dad, the most important man in my life. He is the best father I could ask for. He has never doubted my capabilities or limited my choices because I am female. He encourages all of my endeavors whole-heartedly and has raised me to believe that I can do anything. He taught me to value my intellect over my appearance and held me to the same academic standards as my brothers. I am so grateful that he doesn’t advocate the “traditional” role of women. Rather, he encourages me to break through the glass ceiling. Knowingly or not, he has raised his own little feminist. 🙂


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